"Before using MCAT nerds, I was not at all confident in my MCAT test taking abilities. I had just received a score that I was not nearly satisfied with, and signed up for tutoring right away. I used MCAT nerds for one month and was able to boost my score by 7 points! I not only felt more confident with the material, but I felt more confident with taking the test! My tutor was very knowledgeable and kind- I now recommend him and MCAT nerds to all of my friends who are studying for the MCAT! I was able to get my score where I wanted it in a short amount of time because of MCAT nerds and I am forever grateful!"

Audrey Wind

"MCAT Nerds allowed me to exceed my goal score after much frustration using other resources. I spent months taking a course through one of the large companies for MCAT prep, but my score actually went down across four practice tests. Just over a month before my test day, I scored a 504 and felt that my goal of a 514 was hopeless. I frantically searched for 1-on-1 tutoring and came across MCAT Nerds. I started sessions the following day, and my tutor, Phil, worked with me to make a plan, organize my resources, and ease my nerves. Over 40 days, my score continually progressed as he helped me master content, stay on track, and streamline strategies. I was able to enter test day feeling prepared and confident, and I scored a 517. I could not have achieved this without MCAT Nerds and recommend their tutors to everyone taking the exam."

Caroline M.

"I'm an M1 at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Thinking back, I always wanted to go to med school, so I knew I had to do well in college and on the MCAT. I did fine with my classes, and I thought I could study for the MCAT on my own. I studied what I thought was a lot, and I took the MCAT fall of my junior year and was devastated by my score (I got a 504). I was nowhere near where I needed to be. I freaked. I did some more studying on my own, but still, my practice test scores were not budging. Then I did some googling and found MCATNerds. They were wonderful right from the start. I spoke with their Head Tutor, who was stern but reassuring, and he paired me with an excellent MCAT tutor (who happened to be an M.D.!), Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong assessed me in detail during the first session. Then he made me a detailed study study plan and then every session, he held my feet to the fire, to make sure I was following it to the tee. Dr. Wong gave me feedback (frankly he was harsh sometimes) with every session that I incorporated into my learning. Overall, he really helped me focus better on the material I had to learn. I did 30 hours of total tutoring, and it paid off: I scored a 516 on the real thing!  Thank you so much, MCAT Nerds!"

Kristen R., M1 at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

"Thank you, thank you, MCAT Nerds.  I can't thank you enough. I took the MCAT twice and wasn't able to hit 508. I had tried tutoring with one of the big MCAT companies, but my score only moved from 506 to 508, despite two attempts. So I did some more research, and one of my friends recommended mcatnerds. I did a trial session, and I really liked my tutor. She was very smart, but also nurturing. I ended up learning that I had a lot of test anxiety, and she helped me not only learn the material I needed to, but also help me with the anxiety component by scheduling and pushing me to take a total of 7 practice tests before my real MCAT. I ended up scoring a 511, got my fair share of medical school interviews, and I ended up at the med school of my choice. I wholeheartedly recommend mcatnerds.com for MCAT tutoring."

Xian L., Loma Linda University School of Medicine

"I reached out to mcatnerds.com because I was struggling with my mcat score. They called me back within 15 minutes of me filling out their contact form (I found them by searching on the internet for about an hour), and I started to work with my tutor the same day, which was good because I only had 3 weeks until my MCAT.  My tutor was a 4th year medical student at Tufts (Idy T.), and went through a lot of material with me, boot-camp style, in those 3 weeks. I made a lot of improvements not only content-wise, but also in how to approach biochem and CARS passages, and it was all worth it. I got a 514 on the MCAT, and got into 3 of the 4 medical schools I wanted to get into. I could not have done it without you, MCAT nerds!"

Aakash J., University of Texas Southwestern, School of Medicine

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